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PH finally moves forward under DU30

Not everyone may realize it, but last month’s groundbreaking for the LRT-MRT common station is a significant development as it signaled the takeoff of a critical project that was impossible to implement by the past two administrations. The project’s...

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Untouchable Lucio Tan bows down to DU30

Amidst the cacophony of sensationalized news against the administration are positive happenings showing that the country is moving forward under President Duterte’s leadership. These developments bear great importance in the lives of Filipinos but...

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Those from the provinces hated Nick Joaquin’s famous line that says, “When Manila sneezes, the Philippines catches cold” as it embodies the follies of centralization. Indeed, it is the entire country that suffers from the bad decisions made in the...

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The Recurrence

It is Often Said that History Repeats Itself. Once more, the Filipino people finds itself at the crossroads of history. A hundred years since Marcos, soldier, lawyer and former President, was born. Forty-five years since American-style republicanism...

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