16 M

16 million. That is the number of voters who got the president elected. I am one of them, which leaves us with 15,999,999 other people. They could be your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, school mates, your doctor, your hair stylist or your plumber. They could be anybody, and like you, they are most probably decent people. The last time I checked, anybody can still be a decent person without having to choose which side of the political fence he wants to be on.

There may be issues where we don’t see eye to eye, but you can be assured that it is perfectly fine for us agreeing to disagree. While I speak for myself, I am very certain that out of the 15,999,999 other people, there will be many who share my thinking. We might appear to turn a deaf ear to all the cursing and profanity, but we cringe every time that happens. If we are allowed to wash that potty mouth with a bucket of soapy water, we can easily call in a million volunteers.

Then there is the war on drugs. It might come as a surprise to you, but many of us do not like the way it is being conducted. A lot of us do not agree with the methods, especially without transparency. We, like you, do not condone of the killing of innocent people. We prefer to have zero fatalities, but given the situation, we understand that it cannot be guaranteed. Where we part ways is how the numbers are treated – you insist on lumping everything together as EJK, whereas we see it as a set of different groups. I will leave it at that, reiterating that I can agree to disagree and you are free to have your own opinion, no matter how lopsided. What I will never agree to, however, is the way you lump all 16 million of us as a bloodthirsty lot because that is where you are terribly mistaken. The way you picture us as blind followers with a mob mentality is nothing but a reflection of what you are.

I am tempted to call you names, but that would be stooping down from where I stand.

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