Palpak connection

Palpak connection

The Dengvaxia fiasco is the latest in a string of failures attributed to the previous Aquino administration. More accurately, the new controversy solidifies the claim that former President Noynoy Aquino didn’t do anything right or good for the country and that anything he touched turned for the worse.

From the Luneta hostage crisis that resulted to the massacre of eight Hong Kong tourists to the slaughter of 44 Special Action Forces members in Mamasapano, these instances proved that careful planning and execution were not the hallmarks of the Aquino government.

In the case of the MRT mess, the government under Noynoy ordered 48 coaches of Dalian trains that were defective. Since 2013, suffering passengers were assured things will get better, only to be disappointed as the coaches worth P3.8 billion turned out to be unusable.

Remember the cargo congestion that clogged the Port of Manila with unreleased container vans that resulted to nightmarish traffic jams in the metro in 2014? The problem was caused by Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada’s decision to prohibit cargo trucks from plying his city’s streets.

Malacañang didn’t intervene despite appeals from freight handlers. Cargo vans accumulated that resulted to supply shortages in the market as fresh stocks remained stuck at the port for months. Importers of perishable goods suffered losses that ran into the hundreds of millions as their cargoes thawed and spoiled all because Noynoy just stood by and watched the situation deteriorate.

The Aquino administration is also to blame for the proliferation of illegal drugs. The Drug Enforcement Agency had long sounded the alarm on the operation of narco-politicians in the provinces, but Noynoy looked the other way in exchange for political patronage.

Then there’s the “tanim bala” modus operandi wherein unscrupulous airport personnel slipped contraband in the luggage of unsuspecting travelers to extort huge sums of money. The problem wasn’t solved under Noynoy’s watch considering the people tasked to investigate were into it themselves.

Perhaps the biggest bungle the Aquino government committed was the handling of the “Yolanda” post-disaster drive. The fact that P5 billion of relief funds were left unspent highlighted the mismanagement of the entire operation. Four years after the calamity, government housing projects remain unfinished and tainted with corruption as seen in the shoddy construction of the dwellings.

The list of Noynoy’s bungling goes on and on as he committed failure after failure. But even as the ill-effects of those foul ups continue to be felt up to now, a new controversy has exploded that is the Dengvaxia scam. What was packaged as a program that would minimize if not eradicate Dengue fever turned out to be a massive clinical trial for which Filipinos paid P3 billion.

The aforementioned cases should jolt supporters of the yellow party into realizing why nobody believes in them anymore. This is the reason why nobody buys into any of their propaganda, be it a smear campaign against DU30 or an attempt to sanitize the sins of their political patrons.

It’s because Noynoy Aquino squandered the mandate given him by failing to address problems that needed fixing like corruption, drugs and infrastructure. And when he did move, the problems were aggravated either by slow action or rash and poorly executed decisions.

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